Frontrunner High Level Networking Proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© program for FRONTRUNNERS


You’ve identified who they are. They have a command of their industry, their work product is great, and they are showing signs of leadership.

But what if they don’t emerge? The high potential 21 to 38-year-olds need professional coaching on how to navigate the Twin Cities business community. Our program utilizes our proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© to help your FRONTRUNNERS develop a powerful network, sharpen their influence skills, and most importantly connect with fellow high achievers.

As our economy nears full employment the competition for talent is getting fierce. Protect your investment in your employees that are leading the pack.


Frontrunner High Level Networking Proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© program for FRONTRUNNERS


Cathy Paper, Frontrunner High Level NetworkingCathy Paper

Cathy Paper has emerged as one of the Twin Cities most connected people. “Six degrees of Cathy” is often used when two people make a connection. Her incredible skills at helping executives find their voice – either for a book or a speech – make her an invaluable resource.

Shaped by her experiences at a major ad agency and a Fortune 500 company, Cathy is uniquely positioned to share her deep knowledge of how to “play up.” Cathy’s great instincts and generosity will truly help shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Paul Jaeb, Frontrunner High Level NetworkingPaul Jaeb

Paul Jaeb has left quite a legacy. In 1991 he started his own firm at age 26. Over the past 25 years he grew his investigative and forensic firm into one of the largest of its kind in the country. Along the way he had many mentors, joined many peer groups, and entrenched himself in the Twin Cities community. In 2015 he realized his original goal set 25 years prior – to sell his company at its peak. His vast network is legendary, from boardrooms and C-suites to professional athletes and non-profits.

Paul’s encore is to replicate what so many business leaders did for him…helping people amplify their business skills and become true leaders.

Paul Jaeb and Cathy Paper, Frontrunner High Level Networking


Frontrunner will allow participants to understand their impact, make it replicable and expand their network to sustain optimal performance over the long term. 


  1. A bigger, better, and stronger network
  2. A personal brand that people will remember
  3. A social media profile that will drive contacts
  4. A deep sense of community
  5. An ability to sell and persuade the right people
  6. A lifelong network


Frontrunner High Level Networking - Minnesota EmbraceEach group of 12-15 individuals is personally curated by Cathy and Paul. One of our business community’s glaring weaknesses is our meaningful lack of inclusion for young leaders that are recruited to the Twin Cities. While “Minnesota Nice” is a good start, we need to create “Minnesota Embrace.”

Our goal is to foster relationships among young leaders that are actually reflective of our current business community and the one it will become in the next few decades. Diversity in race, gender, geography, and profession are critical to our mutual success.

Leaders sometimes have a difficult time coaching associates on expanding their network. We feel good about sending them to industry events, but then realize they are only connecting with others just like themselves! If they attend “networking” events around town they may just hang out with friends. No one is pushing them to really connect.

Our IMPACT FORMULA© is a proven system that teaches Frontrunners what networking should be and holds them accountable to each other in their efforts to build high impact networks. It is the cornerstone of our program.

Meeting Format

Frontrunner groups meet every three weeks for 2 ½ hours at a premium downtown location. Here is the schedule:

Meeting One:
Member biography presentation
Introduction of IMPACT FORMULA
Insights Discovery testing
Assignment: What’s Your Win?
Meeting Two:
Member updates
Social media brand assessment – special guest Anne Pryor
Meeting Three:
Member updates
Executive presence – special guest
Meeting Four:
Member updates
Relationship map exercise
Who’s your competition?
Meeting Five:
Member updates
Public speaking and presenting
Meeting Six:
Member updates
Securing mentors and learning to “Play Up”
Meeting Seven:
Tour of US Bank Stadium with representative from the Minnesota Vikings
Meeting Eight:
Member updates
Volunteerism and Philanthropy – special guest Lutheran Social Services EVP Chris Beach
Meeting Nine:
Member updates
Influence: The Seven Laws of Persuasion
Meeting Ten:
Member updates
Political Engagement – special guest Former US Attorney Andy Luger
Meeting Eleven:
Member updates
The High Impact Roundtable: Travis Penrod, CEO, Interstate Companies; Katherine Forrester, CEO, Forrester Wealth Management; Kevin Warren, EVP, Minnesota Vikings; Blois Olson, Political Commentator and WCCO Radio Personality; Melvin Carter, Mayor of St. Paul (tentative); Michael Rozin, Rozin Security Consulting; Ro Adebiyi, Corporate Affairs, Thrivent;
Meeting Twelve:
Member Report – How has Frontrunner helped?
Meeting Thirteen:
Celebration at GrayStar Ranch – catered by local chef Marshall O’Brien


Criteria for Acceptance:

  • Engaged employees, open to coaching and feedback, able to dedicate two and one-half hours every three weeks for one year

The Program Terms:

  • Confidential
  • Only one participant from a market segment in each group
  • Groups limited to 15 individuals
  • Fee: $3,900.00 (SPECIAL RATE)

If you want your key employees to high achievers, have them apply now. Send their name and contact information to us by clicking here. Next Frontrunner group begins on January 15, 2019.