• Frontrunner High Impact Networking - Coaching Young Professionals into High Achievers

Frontrunner High Level Networking Proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© program for FRONTRUNNERS


You’ve identified who they are. They have a command of their industry, their work product is great, and they are showing signs of leadership.

As our economy nears full employment the competition for talent is fierce. Propel your up and coming talent by investing in their ability to go further, faster.

Your high potential 21 to 38-year-olds need professional coaching on how to navigate the Twin Cities business community. Our program utilizes our proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© to help your FRONTRUNNERS curate a powerful network, sharpen their influence skills, and most importantly connect with fellow high achievers.


Frontrunner High Level Networking Proprietary IMPACT FORMULA© program for FRONTRUNNERS


Cathy Paper, Frontrunner High Level NetworkingCathy Paper

Cathy Paper has emerged as one of the Twin Cities most connected people. “Six degrees of Cathy” is often used when two people make a connection. Her incredible skills at helping executives find their voice – either for a book or a speech – make her an invaluable resource. Cathy creates authentic relationships through 1:1 coaching and group facilitations.

Shaped by her experiences at a major ad agency and a Fortune 500 company, Cathy is uniquely positioned to share her deep knowledge of how to “play up.” Cathy’s great instincts and generosity will truly help shape tomorrow’s leaders.


Paul Jaeb, Frontrunner High Level NetworkingPaul Jaeb

Paul Jaeb has left quite a legacy. In 1991 he started his own firm company at age 26. Over the past 25 years he grew his investigative and forensic firm into one of the largest of its kind in the country. Along the way he Paul had many mentors, joined many participated in executive peer groups, and entrenched himself in the Twin Cities community. In 2015 he realized his original goal set 25 years prior – to sell his company at its peak. His vast network is legendary, from boardrooms and C-suites to professional athletes and non-profits executives.

Paul’s encore is to replicate what so many business leaders did for him…helping people amplify their business skills and become true leaders by creating intentional connections.


Tamara Prato, Director of Business Development, Frontrunner High Impact NetworkingTamara Prato - Director of Business Development

Tamara has twenty-five years' experience connecting the dots. She drives outcomes, builds relationships, produces content, creates community and makes an impact not only on the bottom line, but also on the culture of an organization. Tamara is known as a connector who thrives working in entrepreneurial environments. Her past experience leading organizations has developed a diverse skillset of business acumen. She is a KOLBE Certified Consultant working along with individuals and organizations looking to increase their productivity and performance. Her prior work experience includes being the Executive Director of the James J. Hill Center; Publisher of Minnesota Business, Edina, Lake Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Southwest Metro, St. Croix Valley, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Minnesota Bride, Arizona Bride and Wisconsin Bride magazines. Tamara also led sales teams at Twin Cities Public Television and the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.


Paul Jaeb and Cathy Paper, Frontrunner High Level Networking


Frontrunner cohorts will coach your top performers how to understand their impact, make it replicable and expand their network to sustain optimal performance over the long run. 


  1. A bigger, more diverse, and stronger network
  2. A personal brand people will remember
  3. Social media profiles that will drive connections
  4. A deeper sense of community
  5. An ability to grow business, create genuine relationships and persuade the right people
  6. A lifelong network delivering greater authenticity, productivity and performance


"I have known Cathy Paper for years, so I recommended a member of my team join Frontrunner based on the focus of the program. Frontrunner delivered immediate results where other groups fell short. It is world-class training with personal coaching on how to build a network with more strategy. We saw goals being set and the network increasing which provided value back to our company. It was such a great experience that I have referred Frontrunner to other business owners to add to their training programs and new hire onboarding."

CEO, Technology Sector

—     ♦     —

“Frontrunner has really helped me think about networking very differently. It also allowed me to think about persuasion and the psychology of relationship building deeply. I’m grateful to be among a group of excelling professionals who think very intentionally about networking.

I’m developing transferable skills and seeing how intentional connecting translates across the board in various industries."

Abdi S.
Senior Aide, City Government

—     ♦     —

"I wish I knew about this group sooner. I network professionally for my job, and I learned many valuable tools that many other people in my network do not have. Frontrunner has given me a toolbox for networking unlike any other group. This group is designed to make you grow faster and be better in business.”

Don R.
New Business Manager, Technology sector



Accelerate your frontrunners off the starting block today.


Frontrunner High Level Networking - Minnesota EmbraceEach cohort of up to 12 individuals is personally curated by Cathy and Paul. One of our business community’s glaring weaknesses is our meaningful lack of inclusion for young leaders that are recruited to the Twin Cities. While “Minnesota Nice” is a good start, we need to be more deliberate and create “Minnesota Embrace.”


Frontrunner groups meet every two weeks for 2 ½ hours at cohort participant offices.

Sessions will focus on creating each members Impact 100, personal branding, public speaking, relationship currency delivered through group meetings, individual coaching, guest speakers and curated field trips.

If a cohort isn’t the right solution, contact us about our group sessions uniquely tailored for your organization.*


Impact 100 by Frontrunner - A Networking ToolPaul Jaeb and Cathy Paper have mastered the art of managing highly curated and diverse networks. Frontrunners will benefit from their decades of experience and guidance.

An impactful network is one that is carefully curated, diverse, and manageable.

We believe that you can only manage around 100 authentic connections. Having 10,000 social media connections is not a network.

Our goal is to foster relationships among young leaders that are reflective of our current business community and the one it will become over the next decade. Diversity in race, gender, experiences, geography, and profession are critical to our mutual success.

Leaders sometimes have a difficult time coaching associates on expanding their network. We feel good about sending them to industry events, but then realize they are only connecting with others just like themselves! If they attend “networking” events around town they may just hang out with friends. No one is pushing them to really connect.

Our IMPACT FORMULA© is a proven system that teaches Frontrunners what networking and mutually beneficial relationships should be and holds them accountable to each other in their efforts to build high impact networks. This the cornerstone of our program.


Tuesday, April 7th
Thursday, July 16th
Thursday, September 24th
Tuesday, October 20th

Space is limited to 48 Frontrunners*

The Program Commitment:

  • Ability to dedicate 2 ½ hours every other week for 8 sessions
  • Support from direct manager and/or leadership of organization
  • Engaged individuals open to coaching and honest feedback
  • Confidentiality of cohort conversations and members network
  • Groups limited to 12 individuals
  • Investment: $3,900


Contact us for group sessions uniquely tailored for your Frontrunners onsite at your location.


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Cathy Paper


Paul Jaeb